Create Your Own Gin

At Listoke Distillery we have challenged conventional distillation wisdom and opted for a 21st Century, state of the art Istill Distillation system. We are proud to be the first distillery in Ireland to use the innovative Iistill 50 and Istill 500 pro technology and as such we are the first to be able to offer an original and novel personal service to prospective gin makers.  The 50 litre Istill which we affectionately refer to as ''Juliet'' patiently worked with us as we researched and developed our Listoke 1777 gin. It is in this Istill that we ultimately formulated our gin recipe. So it is with excitement that we offer prospective clients and gin-makers the use of Juliet and the opportunity to develop and create their own bespoke gin. The team at Listoke will guide wannabe gin makers through the entire process. The beauty of Juliet is that she produces about 30 litre of spirit which can then be blended to the clients preferred alcoholic percentage. This is a one of a kind opportunity for bars, restaurants, hotels or corporations, or simply the gin enthusiast who would like to create or collect their own personal gin reserve.


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