The Equipment Used

Set in a stable that's over 200 years old, we have blended the old and the new to ensure our Listoke 1777 premium gin, is just that. We have decided that to distil the best gin, we need the best ingredients, spirit, botanicals, water and the best available technology (BAT's).

Known as "the Judy" block for centuries, we felt it only right to name our new iStill 500 Pro "Judy". Historically stills are always named after females - a nod to the hard and dedicated worker!

A distillers biggest challenge is to achieve consistency in their product, ensuring that every batch smells, tastes and feels the same. Listoke 1777 is refreshing, almost spicy with soft citrus notes. We can achieve this consistency in the flavour profile every time with our iStill 500 Pro - best technology - best Gin.

Our water comes from the well in the courtyard of Listoke house. Historically, people were known to walk out from Drogheda to drink Listoke well water that was believed to be full of healing powers. We can't guarantee being healed from any ailments with our gin, but we can be sure you will enjoy a Listoke 1777 gin with that very same liquid energy and power, harnessed in our gin.

Being conscious that Listoke Estate has been in existence for hundreds of years, we want to gaurantee that the next generation can enjoy the beauty and surrounds of this magical little micro-climate. As such, we have consciously decided to use an iStill for efficiency, we use our own water for authenticity and have a re-cycling system in place that enables us to save thousands of litres of water per production with a water cooler also in place. The suppliers of our botanicals, when unavailable directly from our own gardens, source our ingredients from responsible growers and producers. We do our utmost to ensure Listoke is kept as green in the future as the day our ancestors settled here.

Where we make our gin


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