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What is Listoke 1777 Gin?

Listoke 1777 is small batch, premium handcrafted Irish gin. It is distilled with love in small batches of 500 litres at a time. Everything is done by hand from loading the still with botanicals to applying the labels.

How long has Listoke 1777 been around?

Listoke 1777 was launched in October 2016. It was picked up by Dublin Airport and remained there exclusively until Februaury 2017 when it went on general release.

Where can I buy Listoke 1777 Gin?

Listoke 1777 is available to buy in The Loop Dublin Airport, Runway 17 Cork Airport, The Celtic Whiskey Shop Dublin, O'Briens Off Licence's Nationwide, Musgraves, Dunnes Stores, Eurospar, and many other great off-licence's nationwide. MCM Brands Distribute in Ireland. Monaghan Bottlers Distibute in Ireland. Robb Brothers Northern Ireland.

What is Listoke Gin School?

Listoke Gin School is Irelands first and only interactive Gin experience. Visitors have access to over 50 dried and fresh botanicals, once they have chosen their botaniclas, they distil on a miniature copper pot still, bottle, label and seal their very own bottle of bespoke Gin to take home with them.

How do I book a place at the gin school?

Bookings for the gin school can be made through the online booking system. For private events please contact us directly.

How do I get to Listoke Gin School?

Please check the map for directions.

What are the GPS Co-Ordinates for Listoke Gin School?

53.7926929, -6.4209598

How many people can visit Listoke gin school?

The Listoke Gin School can hold 12 visitors at a time. If you wish to bring a party of more than 12 guests, please contact us directly.

Does Listoke Gin School accommodate corporate functions?

The Listoke Gin School can accommodate corporate events, please contact us directly for more information.


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  • “What a gin. Punchy and bright, it really is amazing liquid which doesn't have to rely on hype or backstory, you just need to try it!”

    — Paddy Noir, Renowned Drinks Consultant Dublin

  • “A huge thank you to Blanaid & all the team at Listoke Distillery for hosting such a great evening. Greeted with a large glass of Listoke 1777 Gin, accompanied by Fever Tree tonic, ice, black peppercorns and a shaving of lemon, our first instruction was "don't let your glass go empty!”

    — Pat Beechinor, Listoke Gin School Visitor from Kinsale, Co. Cork

  • “We really enjoyed the day at Listoke Gin School and highly recommend it. We were so impressed by both the passion and enthusiasm of the Listoke team, matched with the unique and authentic location. It's a great idea for a couples day out or as a group as friends. We're hoping to visit again!”

    — Gerry Murray, Listoke Gin School Visitor from Fingal, Co. Dublin

  • “Listoke 1777 Gin is bold and full of flavour. As soon as you open the bottle you are greeted with a bountiful aroma with floral, fruity and earthy notes. The gin has personality, impressive depth of flavour and a complexity that reveals piney juniper, citrus and herbaceous notes, and a lingering finish with a touch of spice. Best enjoyed in a gin and tonic, Listoke 1777 Gin is versatile, with orange peel, rosemary and cinnamon all producing moreish servings.”

    — The Gin Guide

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