Image of Listoke 1777 Gin Bottle

The Listoke Brand

The Owls

The Listoke brand is embodied in our owl, whose leafy wings are bursting with the botanicals of our gin. There have always been owls in the barn that now houses the distillery on the Listoke Estate. It is in homage to these owls that the wings are wrapped affectionately around the bottle. Two barn owls still live on the estate, “Gin and Tonic”.

The Bottle

The bottle is square with strong tapered shoulders giving way to a narrower body, reflecting the strength and body of the gin. The square bottle was also chosen with ease of use in mind, especially for a busy bartender.

The History

The guardians of Listoke, the Barrow & Gogan families are direct descendants of the Stein, Haig and Jameson Dynasties in Kennetpans in Scotland. The first official record of Gin appears in their family history in 1777.


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