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Image of Listoke 1777 Gin Bottle
Premium Irish Gin

Listoke 1777

Premium Quality

Listoke 1777 is premium quality, hand crafted Irish gin. Nine botanicals, five traditional, and four contemporary botanicals go directly into the pot with the highest grade spirit.

Listoke 1777 Irish Gin was awarded a "Master of Gin" by the International Spirit's Business in 2017, the highest award any gin can achieve and the only Irish gin to ever achieve such an accolade.

Image of Listoke 1777 Gin Bottle

Lovingly Distilled

Listoke 1777 Gin is lovingly distilled in small batches of 350 litres at a time. The gin is distilled in an iStill 500 pro series still, an innovative, efficient and super green method of distilling gin. The iStill uses one of the most modern methods of distilling and ensures a consistent product is created every single time.

Listoke Distillery and the distillation of Listoke 1777 premium Irish gin has been given "Origin Green" status. The company has ensured that all production methods and all products used therein are as green and sustainable as is available.

Pure Water

Listoke 1777 gin is blended with Boyne Valley water which has been treated by reverse osmosis.

Hand Crafted

Listoke 1777 is labelled, bottled and sealed all by hand, thus resurrecting and returning this artisan craft to the producers' hands.

Image of Listoke 1777 Gin Bottle
Premium Irish Gin

Listoke 1777,

Exclusively available at Dublin Airport

This gin is inspired by exotic ingredients from various "spice trails" around the globe. There are five traditional ingredients used, juniper, coriander seed, angelica root and cassia bark. The citrus used is Spanish lemon peel. Bay leaves unite the lemon and jasmine while spicy cubeb and cumin from the orients add unexpected spice and finish to Barnstorm's delivery.

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Boyne Valley Flavours

The Boyne Valley Food Series is a cooperative marketing group that represents the coming together of like-minded people in the Boyne Valley Region of Ireland who are passionate about food, its origins and its story. They are keen to celebrate with you the journey it takes from the farm to the table. There are almost 50 businesses working together, offering an exciting calendar of immersive, authentic and experience-led food events which showcase the best of our region’s producers, chefs, farmers, venues and of course its people.

Boyne Valley Food Series


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Ireland's Ancient East

Wander through time in your own immersive journey of 5,000 years of European History.

In Ireland’s Ancient East, the cuisine is ancient, simple and profound. Named the bounty of Ireland for its lush green landscapes and rich pastures, in this temperate region you will taste dishes preserved in Irish tradition, the world’s best grass fed beef and floury blaas from artisan bakers. Whether it’s revelling a local whiskey at fire side traditional music session in a country pub or stepping back in time to enjoy a convivial dinner at a big country house.

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  • “What a gin. Punchy and bright, it really is amazing liquid which doesn't have to rely on hype or backstory, you just need to try it!”

    — Paddy Noir, Renowned Drinks Consultant Dublin

  • “A huge thank you to Blanaid & all the team at Listoke Distillery for hosting such a great evening. Greeted with a large glass of Listoke 1777 Gin, accompanied by Fever Tree tonic, ice, black peppercorns and a shaving of lemon, our first instruction was "don't let your glass go empty!”

    — Pat Beechinor, Listoke Gin School Visitor from Kinsale, Co. Cork

  • “We really enjoyed the day at Listoke Gin School and highly recommend it. We were so impressed by both the passion and enthusiasm of the Listoke team, matched with the unique and authentic location. It's a great idea for a couples day out or as a group as friends. We're hoping to visit again!”

    — Gerry Murray, Listoke Gin School Visitor from Fingal, Co. Dublin

  • “Listoke 1777 Gin is bold and full of flavour. As soon as you open the bottle you are greeted with a bountiful aroma with floral, fruity and earthy notes. The gin has personality, impressive depth of flavour and a complexity that reveals piney juniper, citrus and herbaceous notes, and a lingering finish with a touch of spice. Best enjoyed in a gin and tonic, Listoke 1777 Gin is versatile, with orange peel, rosemary and cinnamon all producing moreish servings.”

    — The Gin Guide

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